Relaxation capsule

leto: 2002
vir: projekt je bil narejen kot del seminarja na Fakulteti za arhitekturo
avtor: Peter Rijavec univ. dipl. inž. arh.
Projekt je bil nominiran za nagrado Piranesi leta 2002

Life is more and more tense and annoying, we therefore need to raise the quality of relaxation. The relaxation capsule provides the opportunity to get out of the fastest and most annoying moments of our day-to-day-life. It is constructed in such a manner that no sound or light can enter interior. The capsule is located on Square of Congress in the most vibrant part of the centre of Ljubljana. With the elevator one rises up 14 m above the ground. With the remote control the doors of the capsule open and one has to wait until the resting cushion comes out. Than one can lie comfortably on it and wait until the cushion is back in and the doors are close. In solitude.